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Online Shopping Agreement

1 Some basic concepts

1.1 Company PLUTO AUTO SPARE PARTS TR. LLC , the owner of the online auto parts store , on the one hand, and the user of this resource (hereinafter referred to as the "Buyer"), on the other hand, have entered into this agreement. By registering on the resource, the Buyer confirms his agreement with the conditions set out below.

1.2 This agreement governs the relationships between the Seller and the Buyer after the registration of the latter, who takes on himself the following obligations:

1. Provide only reliable information.

2. Not to use the data obtained on the site for commercial purposes without the consent of the Seller.

3. Follow the terms of this agreement and of any published agreements.

2 Information about the assortment of goods

2.1 Credibility

The task of the Seller is to represent the assortment of the exposed items as accurately as possible. But it should be borne in mind that the characteristics, specifications, descriptions of products are based on the information received by the Seller from suppliers and manufacturers. The Seller does not assume a guarantee that this information is completely true, therefore he has the right to personally make the necessary changes regarding the characteristics of certain types of goods.

2.2 Product availability

The assortment of goods available in the warehouse is displayed in the site catalogs. Commodity items are continuously updated, but due to the high turnover and high customer demand, the Seller is not able to promptly update the entire assortment on the site, therefore the exact quantity of the goods does not always correspond to the declared one. If the Buyer's order contains an item that is not currently in stock, the Seller has the right to cancel the order and make a full refund of the purchase price. The refund algorithm is similar to that used by the Buyer when paying for the selected product.

2.3 Product price

In the context of modern realities, prices for various goods are steadily changing upward, with regard to both online and offline purchases. If the Buyer has placed an order and paid for a product that has changed in price at the moment, but the price has remained unchanged on the site, the Seller has the right to cancel the order at the former price. The Seller undertakes to return the full cost of the paid goods, as well as to notify the Buyer about the new price.

2.4 Product infographics (imagery)

The illustrations of the exhibited goods are based on information from manufacturers and dealers. Images of products, their individual parts, assemblies, packaging are presented for reference and may not always coincide with the real type of product unit. The Buyer should also be aware of the fact that computer monitors are calibrated differently, so there may be differences in color between the reproduction on the website and the actual image of the product.

3 Placement of orders

3.1 Buyer registration

3.1.1 Making a purchase becomes available after the user has registered on the website and listed the required data. An authorized user gets access to all the functionality of the resource: Personal account, payment system, choice of delivery method and addresses, ordering, discounts and promotions (special sales).

3.1.2 A registered Buyer:

• guarantees that the entered personal data are reliable, up-to-date, belongs to the Buyer and are filled in as required;

• is obliged to respect the privacy of the login and password, not to disclose them to unauthorized persons;

• in case of registration as a legal entity, guarantees that it has formal authority to act on behalf of the company;

• has the right to make changes to personal data in the Personal Account, to the delivery addresses of purchases at any time when needed.

3.1.3 The site has a system of subscriptions and mailings. Having subscribed to them the Buyer will be able to receive by email notifications about the arrival of new products, news, performed promotions and discounts. You can unsubscribe at any time.

3.2 Selection of items for order

3.2.1 The Buyer is responsible for his own selection and purchase actions. In order to save the Buyer from mistakes in the choice of spare parts and other parts suitable for a particular vehicle, the Seller recommends the Buyer to consult a specialist before purchasing. The Seller is not responsible if the product does not fit, so the choice must be carefully considered before paying for the order.

3.2.2 The Seller cannot guarantee that this or that product is allowed to be exported abroad, since different countries have their own regulations regarding the import and use of auto parts on the territory of the state. The Buyer is fully responsible for the purchase made in accordance with local laws.

3.3 Registration and payment of orders

3.3.1 The goods are paid for after placing the order (placing it in the Buyer's basket).

3.3.2 The placed order is processed after full prepayment.

3.3.3 Immediately after placing and paying for the order, the Buyer receives by email notifications of the fact of payment and shipment to the specified address.

3.4. Order delivery

3.4.1 On the Seller's website there is a special page on which all methods of sending the goods to the Buyer are detailed. The goods are shipped from the Seller's own warehouse or suppliers' warehouses. Courier post services are used for delivery.

3.4.2 If the order contains several commodity items, they may be delivered to the Buyer at different times due to the delay in receipt at the Seller's warehouse.

3.4.3 Goods to be shipped to another country may be subject to customs restrictions in that country. The Buyer must be prepared to complete customs declarations and pay duties. The Seller recommends that you familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations prior to ordering.

3.4.4. The Buyer can provide the Seller with his carrier by agreeing on the time of loading the goods. In this situation, the Seller disclaims responsibility for its safety and speed of delivery.

3.4.5 The Seller is interested in the prompt dispatch of the paid order, but is not responsible in a situation of force majeure, when he cannot influence it.

3.4.6 If delivery of the order to the specified address cannot be carried out, the Seller undertakes to inform the Buyer in advance using the contacts indicated by the Buyer. The Seller will make a request to cancel the application with a full refund of the paid funds or change the delivery address.

3.4.7 If the cargo has been shipped to the Seller with the mark "Return to the Sender" due to the wrong address or lack of communication with the Buyer, the Seller's representative will contact the recipient to agree on the correct address and delivery time. In this case an additional payment is due for the second cargo delivery.

3.4.8 The responsibility of the Seller is considered completed when the recipient signs the documents of the courier (a representative of the Seller). If the Buyer did not personally accept, did not check the goods and the courier is forced to leave the order with unauthorized persons or near the recipient's door, the Seller is not responsible for the damaged, lost or unclaimed goods.

3.5 Cancellation of order

3.5.1 The Buyer does not have the right to cancel the performed and paid order after it has been sent to the address.

3.5.2 In some cases, the Buyer can cancel the order, but only if the goods have not yet been purchased from the supplier.

3.5.3 The Seller is obliged to return the full value of the canceled product if he accepted the cancellation request. The Seller guarantees a refund in the same payment system that was used to pay for the purchase.

3.6. Return, replacement, repair

3.6.1 The Buyer has the right to return the goods to the store no later than one calendar month from the date of receipt; however, specific return periods might apply for certain kinds of items. Some items cannot be returned unless there is a problem with their manufacturer or quality.

3.6.2 If there are defects in the goods: factory defect, poor quality, false description, damage during transportation, the Buyer can file a claim against the Seller. In the claim, he describes the problem and declares his desire to either return the money, or replace the product with a similar one, or carry out repairs at the expense of the Seller. The claim is submitted to the "Question-Answer" website page or in writing to the Seller's address:

3.6.3 The Seller has the right to reject a claim in the following cases:

1. Damage, loss of goods by the Buyer or other persons other than the Seller's delivery courier.

2. Failure due to incorrect installation, configuration, connection, not corresponding to the manufacturer's recommendations or not certified specialists.

3. Use in improper conditions.

4. Damage due to self-repair.

3.6.4 The Buyer is obliged, at the request of the Seller, to provide information substantiating the claim: certificates of the master of the service center called for installation, connection, photographs of damage through no fault of the Buyer, the conclusion of an independent expertise.

3.7. Loss of order / damage upon delivery

3.7.1 The Buyer's responsibility is to carefully check the condition of the delivered goods at the time of receipt in the presence of the courier. Attention should be paid to the integrity of the packaging, the presence of all components, the appearance of the goods, the working condition (if possible). The unpacking of the packaging must be done by the Buyer with extreme care to avoid damage to the goods with a sharp object. Claims for improper delivery will not be accepted after the recipient has signed the documents. A claim for damage to the goods during unpacking will not be accepted.

3.7.2 If any irregularities are found on the part of the Seller's delivery service, the Buyer must immediately file a claim to the address specified in clause 3.6.2. The Seller's representative will promptly respond to the claim in case of loss or damage to the delivery by the courier.  He will demand photographic evidences of the damages, initiate an investigation of the courier service in case of loss of goods. The Buyer must give the authority to carry out an investigation on his behalf, submit certificates, documents.

3.7.3 If the Seller accepts the claim, he will provide the Buyer with one of two options: replace the product with a similar one or return its full value.

4. Support service

If the Buyer reveals a desire to consult about a purchase, about a range of products, he can write to the Seller by mail or to the support service on the site.

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