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Company Bank Details

Beneficiary Name:                  PLUTO AUTO SPARE PARTS TR LLC

Beneficiary Bank:                   Sharjah Islamic Bank

Beneficiary (AED) Account:   001 2071 445 002

Beneficiary IBAN (AED):         AE37 0410 0000 1207 1445 002
SWIFT CODE:                          NBSHAEAS

Beneficiary Address:              Building 584, Abu Bakr Al Seddiq str., Kalba Industrial Area, Kalba, Sharjah, UAE


Upon transfer to the bank account of the company, please cover commission and all bank service charges.

The sender covers all bank charges.


The commission of the bank - the recipient of the funds - is paid by the Buyer. At the time the purchase price is transferred to the Seller's account, the Buyer pays the bank commission and buys the transference insurance. In the personal account, the amount of money, which is transferred to the Seller's current account, is registered.

International transfers are carried out within 3-4 banking days.

Request for a contract

If the supply contract in your country of residence does not coincide with the one generated by the system, but it must be provided for banking transactions, do inform us about the data of the required type of contract.

In the subject line, indicate - "Request for the provision of a contract" and fill in the information given below.

For legal entities

1. Full name of the company.

2. Identification number.

3. Legal address (country, city, etc.), whether it matches the actual address, if not, then indicate it.

4. Full name, position of the representative with the right to sign the contract.

5. Phone number, email, user’s nickname on our website.

For individuals

1. Full name.

2. Identification number.

3. Address of residence.

4. Phone number, email, Nickname on the site.

Other payment methods for goods

The company allows for making payments through a cargo representative. This is the so-called turnkey transportation done by an intermediary company. For detailed explanations, you can contact using the support function on our website. It is also possible to pay in cash if you are in the same city with us.

Attention! Each time you make a payment, inform about the fact of transferring money.




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