Order delivery

We deliver to the Middle East, India, Africa and Eastern Europe using FedEx, DHL, Aramex, etc. The cost of goods on the site is indicated without shipping costs. The final cost of the goods is formed taking into account the cost of delivery.

The order, after its placement by the client on our website, is collected within 2 days (except for those that are not available at the time of the order) and sent in the most convenient way by postal service. The waiting time for a customer's order varies and depends on the destination and how the customer's order is transported.
Also, by your request, we can send the order in any other way that suits you.
Since we use a modern system of warehousing, sorting and packing of orders, and we also cooperate with leading transportation companies, our clients can count on the most optimal time of receiving the orders.

Our partners - carrier companies also take full responsibility for the delivery of your goods safe and sound, as well as within the time frame specified by you.
In addition, all customs procedures required to receive your ordered goods are carried out only legally and officially.


Courier delivery cost across the country - 30 AED

The date, time and address will be agreed with you by the delivery manager after the goods arrive to the warehouse.

In order to deliver the goods, the customer must provide a mobile phone number and provide complete and accurate information about the place of delivery. For example: floor, office or building number, intercom code, landmarks, etc.

The cost of delivery includes a lift to any floor with carry in to the apartment. Difficult rigging work associated with the use of additional mechanical tools are not performed.
The ordered goods are delivered to the apartment / private household only if there are access roads to the entrance / house.
The cost of delivering large or heavy parts (hoods, engines, bodies, fenders, etc.) may be increased.

Shipment of goods is carried out the next day after we receiving the goods in our warehouse.

ALLPARTS.AE will NOT deal or provide any services or products to any of OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctions countries in accordance with the law of UAE.

Multiple transactions may result in multiple postings to the cardholder’s monthly statement.

FEDEX, DHL (International shipping)[View]
Logistics company that delivers any postal items "to the door" of the recipient by courier service, air and other types of messages.
Use FedEx's handy calculator to calculate shipping costs
Attention! The exact cost of delivery of your order will become known after its processing, collection, packaging.

The world famous German company for express delivery of goods, documents, cargo, is the leader in the logistics market. It is part of the DeutschePost DHL group of companies. Provides courier delivery services by all types of transport, including multimodal transportation.
Calculate the shipping cost for your shipment using the DHL calculator.

WORLDPOST (Ukraine)[View]

Delivers cargo and mail from the United Arab Emirates by all means of transport. Delivery terms, cost must be checked with a company representative.

Contact person: Ksenia
Phone / WhatsApp / Telegram: +971569229977
Skype: world-post

You will be able to find out the exact cost of delivery of the order from the United Arab Emirates
by means of contacting WorldPost in a convenient way for you. Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • your contact details

  • city of departure and delivery

  • information about the product: classification, gross weight (total cargo weight), lot size

  • urgency of the order

Representative's working hours:
Sunday-Thursday: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm.
Saturday: 11:00 to 16:00.
Friday is a day off.

SILK WAY (Kazakhstan)[View]
Check the terms and price for delivery with an authorized representative.
Phones / Fax: +97142589906, +971504586892
WhatsApp: +971504586893

The Almaty company provides freight forwarding services, storage of goods in its warehouses, including from China.
Contacts (KarvonLogistic) : +7 775 955 16 47 (48); +7 775 262-7208.

Payment for the delivery of the cargo is made upon its arrival to the recipient by cash on delivery. The cost of transportation to Almaty is paid additionally to the transport company.

General Delivery Provisions

The delivery service is fully responsible for the facts of damage or loss of goods along the way. When receiving an order, be sure to carefully check the integrity, condition of the packaging and the presence of all items. If there is damage or shortage of units, the representative of the postal service is obliged to draw up an act according to the established model. After that, you need to contact us to issue compensation, which is borne by the delivery service.

Other nuances of deliveries

According to the existing norms and laws, certain types of cargo are prohibited to be delivered by aircraft: airbags, oils and other liquids. Windshields can be shipped, but it is necessary to pay a proper packing fee of $ 60 per item.
If onward transfer to another logistics company is required, an additional $ 10 fee will be charged. For other local deliveries within the United Arab Emirates, such payment rates are applied that can be calculated using the shipping cost calculator on the DomesticExpress website. Additional payment is made after the shipment of the goods. In the absence of payment, the service will not be provided.

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